Carton sealing with SB Group's OPP Packing Tape (Clear, Brown or Printed) & Metal Dispenser...

...has never been easier!


SB Tape is definitely your trusted Malaysian brand for getting the BEST QUALITY industrial tapes at WORTHY PRICES & COOL DEALS! 

👉🏻Our OPP Packing Tape comes in Clear, Brown or Printed (choose from FRAGILE / SECURITY SEAL printings).
👉🏻Our Tape Dispenser comes in GREEN ABS PLASTIC or BLUE METAL.
You can definitely find what you are looking for here in our e-store!

⚠️ALL OPP Packing Tapes above 6 ROLLS are on sale now until tomorrow!!!⚠️
YES! You heard it right! Our JAGA YOUR WALLET SALES ends tomorrow!

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