I have once heard of a story from Aesop Fables, "The Bundle of Sticks"
It was about how a father teaches his three sons the strength of unity.
It is very easy to break a stick, but you will need the strength of Hulk to break a bundle of sticks.
Hence, by uniting together, we can be undefeatable.

"SAMA-SAMA" stands for TOGETHER in Bahasa Malaysia.
When we stand together, nothing is impossible.
By SAMA-SAMA, we can grow and strive for a better Malaysia together.

Join us in our e-store's first Digital Sales "SAMA-SAMA DIGITAL SALES" from
25th September 2020 - 2nd October 2020.

The products we have in promotion are
🔥Clear, Brown and Printed OPP Tape
🔥Stationery Tape
🔥Cello Tape
🔥Double-Sided Tissue Tape
🔥PVC Insulation Tape
🔥Art Series Masking Tape
Buy up to 6 ROLLS and get discounts as much as 50%!

👇Click on the link below to start shopping!👇
Sama-Sama Digital Sales Collection

🌟Feel free to enquire us through:
1. Our e-store Contact Form.
3. Email [email protected]🌟
We will reply you during working hours (Mon-Fri [8:00am-6:00pm], except for Wed [8:00am-5:00pm]) as soon as possible.

Happy Shopping!

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