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10 METERS Double-sided PE Mounting Tape

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⚠️Important notice (Please read before you place order):
1. Please place not more than one carton in one order;
if you want to purchase more than one carton, please place the 121st / 85th / 61st roll and so on rolls in another order.
[If you place more than one carton in one order, please cancel order and reorder again]
2. This item is not under warranty⚠️

📦 1 Carton 12mm x 10 meters = 120 Rolls 

📦 1 Carton 18mm x 10 meters = 84 Rolls

📦 1 Carton 24mm x 10 meters = 60 Rolls

Available Colors: White or Black

Available Width: 12mm, 18mm or 24mm

Length: 10 meters 

! Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage !

Flexible adhesive tape with PE foam backing.

Superior holding power & tackiness.


Can be used on MOST SURFACES such as tile, glass, plaster, wood and metal. 

*Not recommended on wallpapers and ceilings* 


1. Make sure all surfaces are clean, smooth and dry. 

2. Cut desired length from roll. Do not remove protective liner yet. 

3. Press tape into position on the back of the object to be mounted. 

4. Press firmly on the liner for good adhesive contact. 

5. Remove the protective liner. 

6. Press into place and hold for few seconds.

Made in Malaysia. 

ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

100% new and export quality. 

High peel adhesive and excellent tack value. 

Suitable for wide temperature ranges as it holds in moisture well.

UV resistance and anti-aging.

We use biomass, a renewable energy resource to power our machines, marking SB's contribution in the Green Industry. 

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